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Our Flat-Pack Furniture products are affordable, easy to assemble and are cascading by design. Some units can be cascaded by alternating the shelving in the slots which will allow you to fill an area as needed. Or to grow your collection over time. Inversely you can split up longer assemblies into smaller individual shelving units. The sidecar options, which is mall shelves on each side of the main shelves makes for a more ridged structure. Since our shelving design is backless which is often a gusset for traditional furniture. Another use for this technique is offsetting the slots each of the large shelves can be in the same place when cascading multiple shelving units.

All units can be fabricated with cabinet grade birch plywood for a natural or stain finish, pre-primed plywood you can paint to suit your design aesthetic, or painted by us ready for assembly. We design manufacture all components in our shop located in our shop located in Virginia.



We have a nice little shop with a decent sized CNC for producing our Flat Pack furniture in house. This allows us to be very responsive to custom pieces or parts that you might need for your particular situation.


We offer Design Your Own services too! Please to Brian contact us to have something custom made to suite your dreams.