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Affordable decor designed with cascadence / expandability in mind.
Personalization or finishing by you to suit an individual aesthetic.
Natural birch, pre-primed for DIY painting, or painted ready to go.
Become one of our artists - We will fabricate your ideas.



Flat Pack Stool Collection by Not Sucky

Flat Pack Stool Kits & Products

Flatpack stool kits contain three pieces that assemble in minutes. Slide one leg half over the other aligning the center notch. Pop on seat with a rubber mallet.  

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Flat Pack Shelving Collection by Not Sucky

Flat Pack Shelving Kits & Products

Flatpack desk kits contain two sides and three shelves that assemble quickly. Slide the shelving tabs into the side slots, then insert the shelving screws. 

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Flat Pack Desk Collection by Not Sucky

Flat Pack Desk Kits & Products

Flatpack desk kits have are a little more advanced to assemble. The design is basically a top system (called a bridge) on a shelving kit. 

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The Executive Slacker Collection

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African Watchman Chairs Paddles and Backs

African Watchman's Chair

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Variety of Material Choices

Verity of Materials for our Flat Pack Furniture

Digital Fabrication

Designs are easily extendable though modern CAD/CAM Methodologies.

Modern CNC Parts Production

Not only do we make awesome furniture with this machine, we actually custom built our CNC milling machine.

Buy Individual Parts as Needed

Existing flatpack furniture kits can be extended with additional parts. Or create your own by just purchasing the parts you need without a base kit.

Cascade-able Flat-Pack Furniture Kits

Products like our flat pack shelving is designed to cascade to fit the desired use case. Connecting multiple kits with extra shelving as needed.