Mobility Focused Generation

At the end of 2017 we had put our Makerspace into hibernation. Though it was one of the most rewarding experiences helping others create, it was time to focus on our craft. Additional after three two decades we wanted to get out of sustaining out existence with technology projects. Too long behind a desk writing code and not enough time behind the bench producing tangible goods. 

Two parallel epiphanies during our soul searching.

Disassembling our CNC Machine to Move our Shop

First we had to move our fabrication shop to a place where we could get a little peace to focus. We were at a location were dozens of people where stopping in. Moving almost 4,000 sqft of industrial equipment created an awareness as to the design efficiencies of the first generation of interesting work surfaces, shelving, and so on. In setting up the new place we knew we need to make the entire shop more mobile. Meaning when we had to move again everything needed to break down very quickly and pack up very tidy. The obvious design choice for us was to create our own flat pack furniture and workbench designs. This is where most of the current products on this site derived from. Directly from our own use case needs.

Bespoke Handmade Wooden Electric Bicycle

 Second, we brought with us one remaining prototyping project with the hopes it would become a tangible fabrication production product with a positive revenue stream. That was the Renaissance Products Group wooden electric bicycle. One of the things we love about this project is injection of a different type of mobility on our own life. As a full time motorcycle rider I have reduced my carbon emissions over the automobile. The electric bike with the promise of solar charging brings us further in reducing our carbon footprint.

These two event occurring at the same time has really made us aware how life has changed. Gone for us at least is the idea that one might stay in one place for years or even decades. Society and careers move fast these days. Everything tangible we possess must follow suit.

Flat Pack, expandable, collapsable, extendable, cascade-able are now a vital aspects of our design methodology. 


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