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Slumber Party Massacre Guitar for DIY. This is a milled body and neck ready for drill bit. No electronics so you can do your own.
Slumber Party Massacre Guitar

Slumber Party Massacre Guitar

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Custom CNC milled and hand made guitars based on the 1980's movie Slumber Party Massacre 2. We can provide just the milled unpainted body, painted body and neck drill bit ready for DIY'ers, or a completely assembled guitar of awesomeness ready for your next performance. Choose neck length, pickups or tremolo of choice. The version pictured has a headless Floyd Rose style to match the date of the movie. The painted body has the base apple red and painted silver tips. This is a very complex guitar to manufacture so it will be in production for at least eight weeks after order is placed. We have a bill of materials we can share if you want to make specific changes.

Use the pull down above to select other versions. Please note this is my day job which covers my business burn rate. Any more inquires about trading for your grandpa's Farmall Super C Tractor or the like will go unanswered. Due to the demographics of the consumer of this product we find many requests come from individuals who appear to under the influence of some substance at the time, which are answered to the best of our interpretation. 

* Be realistic that this an offensively expensive piece of semi-functional art that replicates an unrealistic movie prop. There is little probable way a real musical instrument can stay in tune when swinging around with a heavy augur bit pulling the neck in every direction. Guitar can be played yes, but don't expect it to perform flawlessly on stage for an hour with monkey level theatrics.  I can build you a Millennium Falcon replica too but its not going to travel at 75 megalight per hour / non atmospheric subluminal speed even though the movie says so. In case you need a version of this moving at a bit less than twelve parsecs visit my core business of making things for people and business at .

More images of the SPMG at the build page here.

Bespoke Custom Guitars Include:

  • Custom CNC Milled and Hand Shaped Solid Hard Maple Body
  • Choose Neck Length of 23.75" or 25.5"
  • Pickups and Electronics Style of Choice (Can Effect Price)
  • No one has yet paid for the guitar with spinning drill bit version, so no video of such to date

Contact for custom requests or other build desires. 
Handmade near Charlottesville Virginia by Brian Williford.
Build Time: 8 Weeks (4 for prop version)