The Unsuck League - Be a Design Partner : We Manufacture for You

You must be really hard up to consider working with a group with a name like this. The Unsuck League is what we are calling our designer partner program. This partnership is for the coffee napkin scribbler, artist, or budding product designer who wants to sell their ideas but don't have the time to handle your own fabrication. 

We start with a simple discussion to see if your idea is a good fit, and if we can make it at a marketable price point where we can get paid to product and you can get paid for artistry. Let it be clear you retain the all rights and intellectual property to your idea. We are in the business of making things, not appropriating them. You be be able to sell your product here where we provide a fixed fee to manufacture, your take is anything over that the market will bear. 

Next step is to bring your idea into CAD where we create a 3D model to work though manufacturing efficiencies. We use Fusion 360 by AutoDesk for this. Besides the design and the code that drives our manufacturing equipment existing in a single piece of software, the system is cloud based. This offers the advantage of you making design changes and our CNC tool paths for example automatically updating. If you are not a technical person you don't need to be involved in the production process. But if you are this way we can rock it together.

Finally we prototype the physically kit in our shop to work though issues we might have missed virtually. Once comfortable with product is ready for distribution we can create an artist page for you here for your product(s), and or you can sell on your own channel and will will make the items for you. 

Are hope is that we can become an on demand, handmade, instant turn around fabrication provider for others outside of our own product ideas. Contact Brian Williford to discuss.