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Cutting Table Wood Worker Workbench Kit

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Nice versatile work surface for a carpenter, wood worker, crafter or other craftsperson. Bench top measures 90" long x 48" wide x 36" tall. This is also what is known as a cutting table, which is a single sawhorse. The advantage in not spanning across two units is safety. Set the saw blade just below the material being cut so it just goes into the spoil board.  1/4" Luan ply Spoil board is easily replaceable as it pops on over dowel pins in the top sub board. Bench top contains .75" bench dog holes.

This kit comes in your choice of pre-preimed or clear birch plywood. Unit is not painted. Colors shown are for inspirational purposes only.

Assembles with a rubber mallet and Phillips head screwdriver. 

Kit Includes:

  • (4) Sides / Legs of 3/4" Ply - 36" Wide at Top,  36" Tall
  • (1) Main Shelf of 3/4" Ply - 36" Long" x 16" Deep
  • (1) Workbench Top Framing Grid of 5/4 x 3" Pine
  • (1) Workbench Top of 3/4" Ply - 90" Long" x 48" Wide
  • (1) Workbench Spoil Board of 1/4" Ply - 89.5" Long" x 47.5" Wide
  • (6) Sidecar Shelves  of 3/4" Ply
  • (12) Clear Polycarbonate Top Cubby Lids
  • Optional (2) Tilting Tool Shelves

Contact info@notsucky.com for customization requests

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Handmade in Virginia by Brian Williford
Lead Time: 20 Days